Sweet & Sour – Reviews

Not sure if this book is worth your read? Here are all the public reviews we got from people so far on instagram. Judge away with a dash of honey!

Hafsa Mubarik

I would not be lying if I say I devoured this book in just one sitting only. Sijdah beautifully described those emotions and feelings from which one go through in their dark times. The main theme of this book is healing. You can only heal when you allow yourself to be.

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Bisma Shehzad

If you have ever felt selfishness of people on visceral level, if you are fed up with people stabbing you in the back or discarding your friendship as a used tissue paper, if you have ever carried a broken heart or a heavy regret, this book is for you.

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Daniyal Ghani

It has a message that respect yourself, do not let anyone ruin you and your feelings. Do not hide your emotions and live your life as you want. Red Sugar No More is definitely a must-read.

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Khishar Sadaf

This book is a power house of all emotions and feelings we, as human beings, come across. Sijdah puts so rightly “Healing is Messy, but necessary”. All you have to do is try and try hard.

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Hira Fatima

The poems are more like songs lyrics and while reading them, they kinda flow on your tongue like a song. So, I was kinda singing most of these like a song in my mind. Overall, the book has a touch of warmth as it deals with issues that are quite relatable.

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Anzar Anwar

This book is an aftereffect of writer’s pain & travails (in a positive way). The flow of words seems like River Kunhar’s gush which has gigantic chunks of oppressive rocks that produce roar with water. If you are feeling broken & shattered then this book is for you to heal and regain your power.

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I absolutely adore this book. As a big fan of poetry I was really excited to read this book and it met my every expectation. The writing is so beautiful and I loved every poem and illustration. It talks about many things and reading it made me feel so many things and emotions.

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