Where’s the ‘rush’?

‘Red Sugar, No More’ is a book series that focuses on the mental health of a 21 year old who has been living in a bubble for far too long. The story starts when she finally realizes that life is more than just an amalgamation of black & white – it’s a freaking rainbow out there.”

Team GirlTalkHQ

“This recent book that we have endorsed is the best example of an unconventional PakistanEnglish book that you will read in 2020. Red Sugar No More takes you to a journey of healing and self-exploration

Team Daastan

“Her words pierce through the heart and send the readers into introspection. She shares the truth, asks about the reality as the book takes the readers through a story about friendship, anger, regret, love, and relationships. Furthermore, there are moments while reading the book that lets the readers sink into the thoughts Sijdah expresses.”

via DailyTimes

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